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Wildlife News

Our Lapwings Co-Ordinator, Jane Drinkall

Asks if there is anyone out there who could help deliver Lapwings magazines in Immingham. If you can help please telephone Jane on 01472 751871.

Volunteers are priceless. They save the Trust around £50,000 per year.

Do you have any carrier bags that you could spare for Jane. She buys them for each batch she sends out and they are becoming more espensive. If you have any that you could spare then please ring Jane on the above telephone number.

Raffle prizes are needed for our indoor meetings.

Could you donate something?

Sad news.

Anne had a family of Blue Tits in her nest box earlier in the year.  

Yesterday Gina went to clean it out ready for next year’s occupants.  

Last year the nest was square to fit the nest  box and this one was

similar but inside it was a fully formed Blue Tit, deceased. It was hard to tell if the bird was a fledgling or an adult. If it was a fledgling then it would have been there since July when the brood left the nest and it didn't look particularly dessicated.

Have you any wildlife photographs taken this year ?

We look forward to receiving your contributions to the photo gallery. Send to j.p.l.kirk@ntlworld.com

Check out  our Facebook Page to see some great up to date photographs.